Command line

Unix / Linux / Ubuntu

Run Matlab script from command line

Run simple Matlab commands direct on Ubuntu command line

% multiply 3 with 4

matlab -nodisplay -r '3*4 , exit'


% get square root of number 64

matlab -nodisplay -r 'sqrt(64) , exit'


% print "Hello World!"

matlab -nodisplay -r 'disp("Hello World!") , exit'

Hello World!

Run own Matlab script on Ubuntu command line

% run own script (.m file) on Ubuntu command line (use script-name without ending ".m")

matlab -nodisplay -r myscript,exit

Hello World

% run script and save output in separate log file

matlab -nodisplay -r myscript,exit -logfile output.txt

% run own script function (.m file) that multiplies two input arguments

matlab -nodisplay -r 'z = myfunction(3,4); disp(z); exit'


Matlab start options

-nodesktop avoids starting the complete Matlab desktop editor

-nosplash skips the splash screen (the little blue matlab logo starting window)

-nojvm starts matlab without Java

-noawt starts matlab without Java GUI, but loads Java for data processing

see -help for more options

matlab -help

-h|-help - Display arguments.

-n - Display final environment variables,

arguments, and other diagnostic

information. MATLAB is not run.

-e - Display ALL the environment variables and

their values to standard output. MATLAB

is not run. If the exit status is not

0 on return then the variables and values

may not be correct.

v=variant - Start the version of MATLAB found

in bin/glnxa64/variant instead of bin/glnxa64.

-c licensefile - Set location of the license file that MATLAB

should use. It can have the form port@host or

be a colon separated list of license files.


environment variables will be ignored.

-display Xdisplay - Send X commands to X server display, Xdisplay.

Linux only.

-nodisplay - Do not display any X commands. The MATLAB

desktop will not be started. However, unless

-nojvm is also provided the Java virtual machine

will be started.

-noFigureWindows - Disables the display of figure windows in MATLAB.

-nosplash - Do not display the splash screen during startup.

-softwareopengl - Force MATLAB to start with software OpenGL

libraries. Not available on macOS.

-nosoftwareopengl - Disable auto-selection of software OpenGL

when a graphics driver with known issues is detected.

Not available on macOS.

-debug - Provide debugging information especially for X

based problems. Linux only.

-desktop - Allow the MATLAB desktop to be started by a

process without a controlling terminal. This is

usually a required command line argument when

attempting to start MATLAB from a window manager

menu or desktop icon.

-nodesktop - Do not start the MATLAB desktop. Use the current

terminal for commands. The Java virtual machine

will be started.

-singleCompThread - Limit MATLAB to a single computational thread.

By default, MATLAB makes use of the multithreading

capabilities of the computer on which it is running.

-nojvm - Shut off all Java support by not starting the

Java virtual machine. In particular the MATLAB

desktop will not be started.

-jdb [port] - Enable remote Java debugging on port (default 4444)

-r MATLAB_command - Start MATLAB and execute the MATLAB_command.

-sd folder - Set the MATLAB startup folder to folder,

specified as a string.

-useStartupFolderPref - Set the MATLAB startup folder to the value

specified by the Initial working folder option

in the General Preferences panel.

-logfile log - Make a copy of any output to the command window

in file log. This includes all crash reports.

-Ddebugger [options] - Start debugger to debug MATLAB.

-nouserjavapath - Ignore custom javaclasspath.txt and javalibrarypath.txt files.